West Houston Plan 2050

West Houston 2050

is a Project of the

West Houston Association

The West Houston Plan 2050, the Symposium and Subsequent Dialogue between Public & Private Sectors are Designed to Provide Solutions to the Challenges of Addressing the significant growth Greater West Houston Faces Through 2050.



The Symposium on the Future of Greater West Houston held on June 14, 2007 announces the West Houston Association agenda for the future which will focuses on providing leadership for Greater West Houston in addressing major infrastructure and quality of life issues we face through mid-century.

Presentations made at the Symposium are available by clicking on the appropriate link below. All downloads are PDF format.

A DVD of the Symposium on the Future of Greater West Houston is available here.

Summary of West Houston Plan 2050, presented by Mark Kilkenny, Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Download The West Houston Plan 2050-Envisioning Greater West Houston at Mid-Century

Growth in Greater West Houston & The Metropolitan Houston Context, presented by Charles Savino, CDS Market Research >



Providing Quality Master Planned Standards for Single & Multi-Family Living, presented by Ted Nelson, Newland Communities  <


Infrastructure Support for Sustainable Growth, presented by James Royer, AECOM  \/


Governing Greater West Houston to 2050, presented by Robert Collie, Andrews Kurth LLP





Houston: A Global City of Villages, presented by Symposium Keynote Speaker, Joel Kotkin  >