QPD Standards

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At the heart of Quality Planned Developments are the development standards, prescribed design and amenity qualities commonly found in master planned communities.

These standards prescribe various design and amenity qualities that are commonly found in master planned communities and higher quality commercial and mixed use developments throughout the area.  Experience in the market informs us that these standards can also bring to smaller developments some of the same qualities sought after by families and employers and lead to higher value.

Residential Quality Planned Development must incorporate these standards

  • A residential home owners association to enforce restrictions and covenants and promote community involvement
  •  A set of restrictive covenants to maintain the character and appearance of the community
  •  Deed restricted vacant land or proposed commercial areas to insure adherence to the original development’s designed
  •  Landscaped buffer areas adjacent to major thoroughfares
  •  Sidewalks along local public streets
  •  Amenitized detention basins
  •  Uniform signage and restrictions against banners, temporary and bandit signs

In addition, developers must include three of the following standards—

  •  Landscaping buffer along public streets
  •  Uniform fencing program along streets
  •  Open space or park close to residential units
  •  Night sky lighting
  •  Screened utilities

Commercial Development Standards include—

  •  Restrictive covenants on commercial property to maintain the character and appearance
  •  Master commercial property owners association to maintain common area and enforce restrictions
  •  Landscape buffer areas
  •  Sidewalks and pedestrian connectivity for adjacent developments
  •  Amenitized detention areas
  •  Screened parking areas, segregated loading areas, trash dumpster enclosures and screened mechanical equipment
  •  Uniform signage and restricted size and number of signs for multi-tenant developments

Mixed Use Developments—those which are more compact, higher density of retail and residential will be reviewed independently—

  •  Development mix shall include retail commercial, office and residential in a single master planned plan by a single master developer/owner
  •  Compact development foot print to human scale with outdoor  spaces and landscape features
  •  Prescriptive architecture with a cohesive identity
  •  Mixed residential component with a diverse mix of single family, townhomes and multi-family
  •  Parking designed to enrich and support the streetscape with no barriers for pedestrians.

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An application and check list may be found at this link.