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WHA’s Education & Workforce Committee Tours UH Katy’s New Campus

The Education & Workforce Committee met at the newly opened University of Houston Katy campus October 1st, 2019. The meeting begun with a tour of the campus given by Jay Neal, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of UH Sugarland […]


In Case You Missed It…

In this installment of In Case You Missed It we have flood control updates at the City, County and Federal levels. A look at the future of the high-speed rail and an Op-Ed about Harvey’s past from Former County Judge […]


The West Houston Association Turns 40!

Over the last 40 years, the West Houston Association has had a vision of bringing Quality Growth to Greater West Houston region. With the help of our vast membership and dedicated leaders, the Association has been able to achieve meaningful […]


QUALITY Planned  Development — Since 1979

Leadership in Quality Growth
For Greater West Houston

The West Houston Association is a non-profit organization working to improve the living and working environment for the 1.7 million residents and 540,000 employees in Greater West Houston.  We advocate for better infrastructure, public policies, and planning within Greater West Houston’s 1,000 square miles.

What We Do

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We are property owners, major employers, and related firms and community interests working together to advocate for improved mobility, better infrastructure, and a sustainable quality of life for the region.  We believe quality, sustainable infrastructure that is well-planned and well-timed benefits everyone in our region.

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