About Us

Our Vision

Everyone should find great experiences and opportunities in Greater West Houston because it is resilient, well-planned, well-maintained, and welcoming. We see opportunities to continually improve by ensuring that the public and private sectors work cooperatively on policy and planning.

Our Mission

We are industry leaders who advocate, collaborate, and educate to achieve the best quality of life, experience, and opportunity in Greater West Houston by promoting high-quality development, sustainable infrastructure, long-term planning, and public policy.

We strive to bring new ideas to Greater West Houston to continuously improve quality of life. The West Houston Association’s strategies include:

  • Leveraging Public/Private Partnerships
  • Identifying & Facilitating Funding for Infrastructure Needs
  • Accessing Elected Officials to Promote Favorable Public Policy
  • Advocating Long-Range Regional Planning
  • Promoting Economic Development
  • Advocating Responsible Environmental Policy
  • Supporting Educational Excellence

The West Houston Association has a 40+ year history of bringing new ideas to the greater West Houston region in infrastructure, public policies and planning. We are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that aims to create a better living and working environment for the 2 million people who live, work, and play in Greater West Houston. We are property owners, major employers, and related community interests combined to advocate for improved mobility, better infrastructure, and a sustainable quality of living environment for the region.

Our History

In 1979, the Association was established to collectively address the problems and potentials associated with a rapidly growing area with major employment and residential growth virtually assured for the next ten years. It was a unique attempt by Houston’s major land developers, financial interests, and large corporations to bring order and rational planning to the rapidly developing suburban areas on the west side of the City of Houston.

The original coverage area was bounded by Kirkwood Road on the east, Westheimer on the south, the town of Katy on the west, and FM 529 on the north. Over the years, our service area has expanded to include over 100,000 acres of the fastest growing and most environmentally sensitive part of the metropolitan Houston. We now include everything from Hempstead in the northwest to Missouri City in the southeast, out west past the proposed Allens Creek Reservoir and as far east as Blalock Rd./Fondren Rd.



Our Plan Moving Forward