Event Review: IMPACT Award Honoring Joe B. Allen

The Board of Directors honored Joe B. Allen as only the fourth recipient of the West Houston Association’s prestigious IMPACT Award at a luncheon in his honor on Tuesday, April 1, 2015.

The West Houston Association created the IMPACT Award as a way to honor the exemplary life’s work of individuals who set high standards for quality growth and the pace for others to follow. Joe B. Allen has influenced the development of West Houston in so many ways that we invited some very special guests to help tell the story. Following a video presentation featuring Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Walt Mischer, Jr. and David Wolff, the audience was entertained with “Joe B.” stories by Peter Houghton, Ted Nelson, Jim Boone, Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert, Larry Johnson, and Ned Holmes.

Some of the highlights were the descriptions of Joe B. who has described as “a Texas man”, no nonsense, and always honest with an “uncanny ability to spot the real issue and to hone in on it without dealing with the chaff” as well as a good bit of humor.

The Impact Award was initiated by the West Houston Association in 2003 and has previously been given to only three individuals – Walter Mischer, Sr. David S. Wolff, and Ned S. Holmes since its inception. Learn more about the IMPACT Award recipients here.

Photos from the IMPACT Award event honoring Joe A. Allen are available here.