QPD Community Review: Cane Island’s METRO Van Program Attracts The Energy Corridor’s Attention

West Houston AssociationMETRO STAR has partnered with Rise Communities, LLC, to develop a vanpool program for current and future resident of Cane Island. Cane Island is Rise’s master-planned community and WHA Quality Planned Development located near IH-10 and the new Cane Island Parkway interchange being built west of Katy’s Pin Oak interchange. Many of the likely residents of 2,000 homes to be built in Cane Island will work in the Energy Corridor.

“We are very fortunate that our community is located close to The Energy Corridor District,” says Dan Naef, president of Rise Communities, LLC. “With our exclusive Cane Island-to-Energy Corridor luxury, black vans, we are proud of the fact that we are making this commute easier and cheaper, and better for the environment.” Cane Island will contribute financially to the program, and the community’s logo will be featured on the vans.

Like all other Quality Planned Developments, Cane Island features landscaping, sidewalks, and scenic roadways that adhere to best practices in master-planned community development. Covenants and deed restrictions for a higher level of community involvement increase the likelihood that the community will remain an attractive place to live and play for years to come.

Cane Island has sought to set itself apart from other communities. The STAR Vanpool program is just one of Cane Island’s planned amenities. Other special amenities include as a guest suite, dog ambassador, and a Bellagio-like garden conservatory. This is the first time STAR has partnered with a master-planned community. Vanpools are typically organized by destination rather than origin, making this pilot project unique.

“Our partnership with Cane Island is exciting,” explains David McMaster, director, Commuter Services, METRO. “We see it as a way to integrate an easier commute into the fabric of a residential community,” McMaster says. “Many of these residents will be headed to jobs in The Energy Corridor.”

“Cane Island’s partnership with STAR Vanpool is a great example of how public and private entities can work together to deliver innovative transportation solutions,” says Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for the Energy Corridor District. The Energy Corridor District is touting this partnership as a commute alternative that reduces traffic congestion.