Sustainable Infrastructure Development – Stonebrook Estates

Low Impact Development at Stonebrook Estates

The vitality of communities depends on their sustainable economic development. Stonebrook Estates, a Terra Visions residential neighborhood development, has met the expectations of sustainable development by meeting drainage and stormwater quality requirements in a cost-effective manner. Terra Vision considers this as the key purpose of the project. As Michael Bloom and Randy Jones presented the Stonebrook Estates at the WHA’s Sustainability Stars Forum on February 21st, they mentioned the key sustainability elements of the project as low-impact development techniques, stormwater quality treatment using Bioretention Systems (the picture below depicts the Bioretention System of the development), and reduced use of concrete storm sewers.

Bioretention System at Stonebrook Estates

The project has used sustainability to reduce detention volume, enhance open and green space, reduce storm sewer drainage system costs and create distinctive front entry along the busy major thoroughfare. The project is in its final stage with 135 LID & Traditional lots and infrastructure fully constructed and 55% of homes completed. The $11.4 million project covers 51.4 acres of land. Jones discussed few of the techniques that could be improved in the future projects such as removing fence separation between bioswales with the residential areas.