Event Review: IMPACT Award Honoring Ted Nelson

The West Houston Association’s Board of Directors honored Ted Nelson as only the fifth recipients of the prestigious IMPACT Award at a luncheon in his honor on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

The West Houston Association created the IMPACT Award in 2003 to honor the individuals who set high standards for quality growth and the pace for others to follow. As Chairman of the West Houston Association, Ted Nelson brought the organization together to develop WHA’s MasterPlan 2050, which has had a demonstrable influence on development and infrastructure planning in our region. WHA recognizes the impact he has made to the West Houston area. The Award ceremony was attended by some very special guests. Joe B. Allen, Blake Tart, and David Hightower shared some truly inspiring stories about him.

Blake Tart described Ted as “a man of his word” and he mentioned, “When Ted Nelson shakes your hand and tells you the deal is done, it’s done.” The quality of Ted’s project has set standards not only to this region but across the state, as told by Joe B. Allen. David Hightower described Ted as a visionary, a great planner, developer of the long-term strategy and implements that strategy faithfully for success.

Mr. Allen highlighted few of his major achievements including Cinco Ranch project, a green and sustainable infrastructure development that remains one of the most celebrated master-planned communities not only in the Houston but also in the United States. Telfair in Sugar Land has also raised bars of planned communities in the Sugar Land area. He has also been a part of development in six other cities outside of Texas.

The Impact Award has previously been given to four individuals – Walter Mischer, Sr., David S. Wolff, Ned S. Holmes, and Joe B. Allen. Learn more about the IMPACT Award recipients here.

Photos from the IMPACT Award Honoring Ted Nelson are available here.