Intersection Improvements Projects in the West Houston

The Energy Corridor District’s 2016-2020 Unified Transportation Plan provides an opportunity to address several key initiatives that can be taken to meet the growth factors for the next two decades. The plan is intended to make the vision of the Energy Corridor a reality; that is, “benefitting property owners, businesses, employees, and residents by providing strong leadership and representation with national, state and local agencies, improving transportation mobility and traffic management, and creating safe, enjoyable places to walk and bicycle.”

Dutch Junction – Protected Intersection (Photo: Clark Martinson)

The Energy Corridor has proposed intersection improvement projects that will improve the safety for pedestrians and bicyclists through streetscape enhancements. The idea is to incorporate Dutch Junctions that allow separate roadway intersection crossings for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The design includes roadway that allows bicycles to access protected corners from the street, bike lanes, side paths, shared use pathways or sidewalks. It will allow traffic to remain separate at the intersections for through movements and left turns.

Proposed Right Turn Lanes and Dutch Junction (Photo: Kimley Horn)

The proposed streetscape enhancements by the District include the critical intersections on IH-10 at SH-6, Eldridge Pkwy and Dairy Ashford Rd and protected intersection at Memorial Dr. and Eldridge Pkwy. The District also proposes the installation of traffic signals and pedestrian infrastructures at Grisby Street and SH-6 intersections (a partnership between the District and TxDOT). A modification of right turn and left turn lanes for accommodating new traffic from Park Row at North Eldridge Pkwy. and North Dairy Ashford intersection is proposed. The District also plans to design protected intersection corners and crosswalks at South Mayde Creek and Memorial Drive intersections and sidewalks between Barryknoll and IH-10 with safe pedestrian crossings. The District will also coordinate with the Parkway Association and the City of Houston to replace the custom traffic signal poles and arms on Enclave Pkwy., Sandbridge St. and Briar Forest Dr. at Eldridge Pkwy. intersections.