WHA Regional Mobility Committee Reviews TxDOT Plan

Houston District Geography, Photo Credit: TxDOT

The West Houston region Association is working to identify projects to meet the needs and requirements of the growing population in Greater West Houston.   These needs consist of highways, public transportation, trails, aviation, and state & coastal waterways.

The West Houston Association’s Regional Mobility Committee recently reviewed TxDOT’s 2017 Unified Transportation Program (UTP), TxDOT’s 10-year plan to guide transportation development.   The 2017 UTP contains over $830M worth of road and trail projects in Greater West Houston.  The project development consists of preliminary engineering work, environmental analysis, right-of-way acquisition and design.

WHA’s Mobility Committee is currently working on identifying projects that should be contained in upcoming UTPs and other capital improvement plans at the county and municipal levels.  If you have any projects that are important to the future develop of Greater West Houston, please contact us.

The list can be viewed on the following link:

2017 GWH UTP Projects