Featured on Local News: President Auggie Campbell and WHA Member Al Flores

Recently, West Houston Association and several partners released A Comprehensive Flood Protection Plan for a Better Houston. The group—which includes the West Houston Association, North Houston Association, Greater Houston Builders Association, American Council of Engineering Companies of Houston and the Katy Area Economic Development Council—advocates for reservoir construction, increasing the bayou conveyance, buyouts and more.

WHA’s President and CEO, Augustus “Auggie” Campbell, discussed the organization’s Harvey Response Plan on Channel 2 News.

Channel 2 News Features Augustus Campbell

The $32 billion proposal includes restoration of the Barker and Addicks reservoirs, building a third reservoir on Cypress Creek, increasing storm water conveyance and massive home buyouts. Having the proper development in our region will benefit the community overall, especially the local economy.

The proposed local contribution would include a $2.2 billion bond paid for by a property tax increase for Harris County homeowners. This small increase could have great results for the community and city.

“What it means to the average homeowner is about $8 a month, or $100 a year. A small increase that would be dedicated to flood control,” said Campbell. “For the cost of the coffee that you and I would be drinking, we could take care of flood control forever,” said Campbell on Fox News 26. The plan also proposes that the federal government pay for 90 percent while the state and local governments pay 10 percent.

“I think if we don’t listen now, we are going to be listening later and we are going to regret it a lot. This is a critical moment for our community,” said Campbell.

President & CEO, Auggie Campbell,  discusses flood control on Fox 26 News

WHA Member Al Flores featured on Telemundo Houston

Civil Engineer and WHA Member Al Flores further discusses the comprehensive flood protection plan on Telemundo Houston.

Click to Watch on Telemundo Houston

The Comprehensive Flood Protection Plan for a Better Houston is also outlined in an article published in the  Community Impact Newspaper.