Presidents Corner: November 2020

Howdy WHA Members! 

October seems to have flown by like a witch on a broomstick. Lots of Zoom-ing took place among our committees and thankfully our office building is no longer the ghost town it was over the summer. Okay, enough with the Halloween puns. But if you ever need candy, I do keep a stash in my office. 


Our Envision class, held on October 14th, was quite a hit. We filled all 40 seats! We are already planning for another class to be held in the Spring to ensure that we are meeting demand. It is wonderful to know that sustainable infrastructure is important to so many people here in the Houston area. We were also happy to host Houston Wilderness’ virtual MPC Ecoregions Experiences Event, featuring Cross Creek Ranch.  

Our Federal Issues Forum featuring U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX-2) took place on October 29thSpecial thanks to Jim Russ and Bob Hebert for their work towards making this event such a success. An important issue discussed at the forum was the USACE’s Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Resiliency Study (BBTRS). WHA along with other members of the Houston Stronger coalition have requested an extension of the comment period and release of data and models for the BBTRS interim report.  We believe that this information and time is necessary to ensure meaningful and accurate public input.  Meanwhile, members of the Flood Control Committee are actively working with several other stakeholders on comments and input for the BBTRS. 


Last month I foreshadowed a project in the works by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Committee. We also have a project in the works by the Regional Mobility Committee that will be identifying priorities and tracking progress for transportation projects in Greater West Houston. You will be hearing more about them in the weeks to come! 


You will soon be getting membership renewal packets along with updated information about the Quality Growth Partners program. We took your feedback about the program to heart and modified it to make it more straightforward as well as to provide a greater value. If you have any questions about your membership, feel free to reach out to me directly or Jennifer Boggs, jennifer@westhouston.orgI encourage you to continue to invest in WHA as we work together to advocate, collaborate and educate to achieve the best quality of life, experience and opportunity in Greater West Houston.