WHA Awards Star of Excellence to Steve Radack

The West Houston Association awarded Steve Radack, eight term Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 3, the West Houston Star of Excellence on December 16th, 2020 at a small private ceremony at the MetroNational Treehouse.

The Star of Excellence award recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the Greater West Houston area. Star of Excellence Award recipients are not members of the West Houston Association, but their work complements our own to achieve a shared vision. We honor them as shining examples of the leadership and determination that is required for everyone to find great experiences and opportunities in Greater West Houston.

Steve Radack was given the award for three decades of service to continuously improve the quality of life for people across West Houston in Precinct 3 and beyond.

The award was presented by Heath Melton, Chairman of the WHA Board; Marlene Gafrick, the Vice Chair of the WHA Board; and Alan Steinberg, President and CEO of the West Houston Association. The event was kept small to be mindful of the current COVID environment.

The West Houston Star of Excellence nomination process is overseen by the membership committee and is awarded annually to an individual for their contributions made to the West Houston region in line with the association’s vision and mission.