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    WHA Developments–Our Latest Articles

    West Houston Association Graduates Another Crop of Rising Leaders

    The West Houston Association (WHA) celebrated the graduation of classes 3 and 4 of the WHA Rising Leaders program on July 8th, 2021, with a reception and award ceremony at Dragonfly Park in Bridgeland. Graduation for both cohorts was delayed due to COVID-19 and […]

    Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Lead the Discussion at the Emerging Trends in Transportation Forum

    Houston’s need to reimagine its transportation future was the subject of the West Houston Association’s Emerging Trends in Transportation Forum on June 16, 2021. Public and industry leaders in transportation joined in the hour-long discussion moderated by Jim Webb, CEO/President of The […]

    Rising Leaders TopGolf Tournament Fundraiser Was a Success

    The West Houston Association’s Rising Leader Class 4 hosted a TopGolf Tournament fundraiser on May 27th from 2p-6p at the Katy location. The event had 26 sponsors and over 200 attendees. The title sponsor being LJA Engineering Inc. The event […]