Staff Corner: October 2021

We have officially roared into WHA’s 20’s Awards Season!

In honor of the adventurous spirit of the 20’s, we are trying something a little different with our Annual Awards Celebration this year. We will still be having an evening reception, but this year we hope to have a little fun, as well. Our theme is Monopoly, so dust off those top hats and come ready to celebrate quality planned development in West Houston!  

Some of the changes to this year’s program include graduation of our Rising Leaders cohorts and sponsorships. We would like for this evening to be both a celebration of our award recipients and our Rising Leaders, but also an opportunity for our members to mix and mingle and have some well-deserved fun before the holiday season really kicks off.

In order to really make this night special, we are offering opportunities to our members to sponsor this event. The hospitality industry has been no stranger to the supply chain and staffing challenges of the last year, and as such our event costs have gone up. This event is a chance for us to fill our own Community Chest for 2022 to help cover those programming costs.

Please check out our event page on our website and purchase your Monopoly Squares today!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!