Topgolf: Maverick Takes Flight in a High-Flying Tournament!

May 25th marked West Houston Association’s 3rd Annual Rising Leaders Topgolf Tournament. The event soared to new heights with a Top Gun: Maverick-themed event that left participants buzzing with the need for speed. The tournament was hosted by Rising Leaders Class 7 and included approximately 200 people representing multiple industries from across the Greater Houston region. Thank you to our 2023 Maverick Title Sponsor, Unitas Construction!

The event began with team check-in, free-play, and networking over drinks and fajitas. After some rules from the Topgolf pros, the tournament began! Each shot was an opportunity to show off their “Top Gun skills” and prove that they were the true “aces” of the course. All the teams brought their A-game, or used enough mulligans to make us think they did! Spectators cheered on their favorite “wingmen,” creating a sense of camaraderie and unity among the participants. Many of the golfers and spectators took time to enter the raffle drawings for an array of amazing prizes.

As the tournament reached its climax, the top-performing golfers were honored with awards and recognition, celebrating their precision, skill, and competitive spirit. Congratulations to Unitas Construction who took home the  1st place trophy!  Not far behind in 2nd place was Masterson Advisors, and bringing up 3rd was Costello. We also had team Inframark, “Smooth Operator,” who won the Call-Sign Competition!

Congratulations to all the winners of our 3rd Annual Topgolf Tournament!

We would like to thank our Rising Leaders Class 7 for taking the time to help make this event happen. The WHA Rising Leaders Program is designed for those who plan to be active in the West Houston Association for a sizable part of their career. The program provides an accelerated introduction to the topics and issues of interest to the association and its members as well as an opportunity for networking among others who aspire to be leaders within WHA in the coming years.

1st Place – Unitas Construction

2nd Place – Masterson Advisors

3rd Place – Costello

From thrilling competitions to memorable puns, participants left with unforgettable memories and a renewed appreciation for both the game of golf and an iconic film.

On behalf of the WHA Staff and Rising Leaders, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation and buzz the tower in honor of our incredible sponsors and participants who made the tournament an awe-inspiring success! Your support, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication truly took our event to new heights. Keep pushing the boundaries and embodying the Maverick spirit as we continually work to improve quality of life across the Greater West Houston region and beyond!


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