$2.5 Billion Harris County Bond Election was passed

The Fight Flooding PAC is a group of Harris County businesses, organizations, and individuals who have come together to support the August 25th passage of Proposition A, because now is the time to address Harris County’s flood problem. 83 lives and $125 billion in economic losses—that is how much Hurricane Harvey impacted the Houston Region. It is not the first time. We were hit with 500-year storms in 2016 and 2017. We were hit by Allison and Ike. We will get hit again. The 500-year storm is the new 100-year storm.

We must fight back. Congress allocated $141 billion in funding to help the country recover from major disasters—from Puerto Rico to California. We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fight flooding, improve our communities, and transform our region into a better place for all residents.

Most of the funds allocated by Congress require a local match and are competitive. With $2.5 billion in bond funds, Harris County’s goal is to leverage federal funds to create resiliency projects, including buyouts and detention. Federal funds are first come first serve. So, bonds help get federal funds here while they last, helping local flood victims and local taxpayers.