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Greater West Houston, an area of approximately 1000 square miles in Houston’s western suburbs, is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States.  It is characterized by large master planned suburban communities and urban-styled living environments. 

Greater West Houston (GWH) is anchored by three major regional activity center-

forming the “urban core” of GWH.  This core represents an employment base of approximately 150,000 with over 37 million square feet of office space-rivaling the CBD and Uptown/Galleria.

GWH with a 2010 population of 1.5 million (revised)  and employment of 500,000, spreads across portions of three counties.  Approximately fifty percent is within Harris County with the balance split between northern Fort Bend County and Waller County.   

Approximately forty percent is inside the limits of City of Houston. Sixty percent of the Greater West Houston is within the City of Houston extra territorial jurisdiction, ETJ.  There are 10 additional municipalities; 15 school districts; 11 special purpose districts and over 200 utility districts in Greater West Houston.


The Future of Greater West Houston 

REPORT: Link to Plan 2050: Envisioning Greater West Houston at Mid-Century.

MAP: 2050 Greater West Houston Land Use Scenario Map. Our Thoughts on Where We Will Grow.

DATA: 2050 Population & Forecasts


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Population and employment growth in GWH from 1990 and forecasted to 2050 is the subject of the West Houston Association’s new Demographic and Economic Profile at this link.

The West Houston Association maintains economic and demographic data on Greater West Houston and plans for its infrastructure needs based upon forecasted population and employment forecasts.

2050 Population & Forecast page at this link.

West Houston Plan 2050 | 2010 Update at this link.

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