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3 Questions with Alan Steinberg, Ph.D, CEO/President of WHA

Alan Steinberg is the new CEO/President of the West Houston Association. He was formally introduced to the West Houston Association membership at the City Issues Forum and at the Hello/Goodbye Virtual Happy Hour and Pub Quiz on May 20th.  As […]


Compass Award Winners Shed Light On Shortages In The Water Workforce

Bill Callegari and Todd Burrer are the latest recipients of the West Houston Association Compass Award for their extraordinary efforts in seeking a resolution to the growing decline in regional water service operators.  Both recipients were awarded at the West […]


WHA City Issues Forum Recap – Here’s What You Missed

The City Issues Forum took place on May 14, 2020 in a virtual format, featuring Mayor Sylvester Turner. Over 130 participants attended the virtual event. The mayor’s remarks focused on the $169 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year […]


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The West Houston Association is a non-profit organization working to improve the living and working environment for the 1.7 million residents and 540,000 employees in Greater West Houston.  We advocate for better infrastructure, public policies, and planning within Greater West Houston’s 1,000 square miles.

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We are property owners, major employers, and related firms and community interests working together to advocate for improved mobility, better infrastructure, and a sustainable quality of life for the region.  We believe quality, sustainable infrastructure that is well-planned and well-timed benefits everyone in our region.

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