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The West Houston Association has a 37 year history of bringing new ideas to Greater West Houston in infrastructure, public policies and planning. We are a 501c4 whose membership works for a better living and working environment for the 1.6 million residents and 600,000 employees in Greater West Houston. We are property owners, major employers and related community interests combined to advocate for improved mobility, better infrastructure and a sustainable, quality of living environment for the region.

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First 100 Days & the Years Ahead

  Collaboration between the public and private sector is key when it comes to ensuring quality growth for the future of our region. On March 28, we welcome City of Houston Mayor John Whitmire to share about his first 100 […]

2024 Public Officials & Awards Reception

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Latest Articles

Addressing Water Infrastructure Challenges in the Houston Region: A Call for Renewal 

In today’s rapidly advancing society, there is a prevailing tendency to focus on groundbreaking designs and innovative technologies for new developments, often overshadowing the pressing issue of decaying existing infrastructure. The allure of exploring uncharted territories and constructing new master-planned […]

Shaping Communities: Rice Students Collaborate with WHA on Sustainable Infrastructure & Amenities

For the last three years, the West Houston Association has been partnering with Rice University through their Social Science Consulting Practicum by providing the experiential learning opportunity for undergraduate students to apply their social science skills to real-world projects and […]

Prescribing Tomorrow’s Landscape: The Hippocratic Imperative of Sustainable Development

Embedded within the ethos of responsible development, reminiscent of the principles articulated in the Hippocratic Oath, is a compelling argument for land developers and civil engineers to champion Sustainable Infrastructure. This transformative paradigm transcends conventional environmental concerns, extending into the […]

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