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Staff Corner: May 2022

Spring is in Full Swing!   Ahhh, Spring is here again! And with the return of these warmer days comes our 2nd Annual Rising Leaders Topgolf Tournament! To compete with last year’s class, these cohorts SOLD OUT the teams’ portion of […]

President’s Desk: May 2022

Howdy WHA Members!   I am pleased to report that we recently completed two successful collaborations with Rice University’s Social Science Consulting Practicum. The first project, presented to WHA members on April 27th, further explored what makes an area “cool” or […]

President’s Desk: April 2022

Howdy WHA Members!  The Texas primaries are behind us, but the election cycle is still going strong. You can read more about the results from the Texas Tribune. Two particularly interesting races for West Houston include the Republican primary runoff between Shelley […]

Staff Corner: March 2022

WHA Rising Leaders 2022 – Resiliency   Last year, I wrote about leadership in a year characterized by unprecedented times. And while we are ever hopeful that the pandemic is on the decline, we are nevertheless facing a new set of […]

President’s Desk: March 2022

Howdy WHA Members!  It’s rodeo season!  Though you might not have thought it given the February weather. In addition to some wicked weather, last month brought us decreasing COVID numbers but increasing crime numbers. Mayor Turner held a press conference about the […]

President’s Desk: February 2022

Howdy WHA Members!  Lots of changes have happened in Harris County executive staff positions. Commissioner’s Court appointed Dr. Tina Peterson, previously the Deputy General Manager of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, as the new Executive Director for HCFCD and Dr. Milton Rahman, previously […]

President’s Desk: January 2022

Howdy WHA Members!  We hope that you have all had a great holiday season and wish you a happy and healthy new year. Here at the West Houston Association, we are excited for what we have planned for 2022.  In case you […]

President’s Desk: December 2021

Howdy WHA Members,  As many of you are already aware, redistricting has been the hot topic for the past month. The new maps for Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties, as well as at the state and fedearl levels, means new public and elected officials are representing parts of the area […]

President’s Desk: November 2021

Howdy WHA Members,  While here at WHA we update our Development Map about every three years, election officials must update theirs every ten thanks to redistricting. The districts as enacted during the 87th Legislature include State House (Plan H2316), State Senate (Plan S2168), and Texas Congressional (Plan C2193). For a convenient “before” and “after” snapshot of […]

President’s Desk: October 2021

Howdy WHA Members,  With the Texas Legislature currently in its third session, the issue we are watching most closely is redistricting. This is the first redistricting cycle in nearly fifty years to take place without federal oversight due to a 2013 Supreme County decision from Shelby County […]