Members Resources

Our members tab provides our members with a lot of different resources, links, and documents that help them better understand and participate in projects and issues that we at  WHA find important for not only the West Houston community but our entire region.  


 The packet includes our annual report, events calendar, event sponsorship form, connect with us infographic, regional and flood plan maps, map order form, and the deadline information for both our Quality Planned Developments and Sustainability Stars Program.
 This button will direct you to a page with member written articles, which each user can submit.





This button leads to a committees notes page with word documents available for download that recap what took place at each specific committee meeting 
A members only map access page which contains maps of CenterPoint Service Areas and the Underground Residential Distribution Chart


Our members make everything we do here at WHA possible so if you’d like us to feature your article or company on our page or in a newsletter please contact us with more information. We’d love to hear from you and get you involved.