Quality Planned Developments

Quality Planned Development | An Introduction

Master planned developments of Greater West Houston have established a benchmark for quality living and working environments for quality homes and commercial areas.  The design and implementation of their basic and expanded facilities add quality and aesthetic elements which translate into enhanced near term and long term value for the buyers and the surrounding community.

The West Houston Association has developed a private sector based program which identifies the most common elements found in these communities and encourages developers to incorporate them into their new developments.

Introduction to QPD Standards

The QPD elements or standards address:

  • homeowner associations
  • restrictive covenants
  • landscaped buffers,
  • detention basins 
  • signage
  • various other issues. 

For commercial development they address:

  • covenants
  • landscaped buffers
  • screening
  • lighting
  • signage
  • various other issues

The West Houston Association believes these elements when designed into a residential or commercial development attract a substantial number of buyers seeking better, protected value.  We believe it is in the best self interest of the development community to provide products that meet this market demand. The Quality Planned Development (QPD) program is an instrument by which the West Houston Association can spotlight these higher standards in action.  Developments will be asked to apply for the QPD designation and once approved, will receive license to utilize the QPD logo in promotion of their products.

QPD in 2060

We have just published our West Houston 2060 Plan and in it we tackle some of the challenges and opportunities the region may face when reaching the year 2060. Below is the committee’s event board which gives an overview of the plan section, but click the title above to view the entire committee section and for a complete version of the 2060 plan.

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