Sector Growth

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significant Greater west houston Growth is forecasted

Greater West Houston has grown from a sparsely populated Houston suburban area to 1,000 square economic urbanized powerhouse of 1.48 million people and 457,000 jobs. The West Houston Association report, Greater West Houston Demographic and Economic Profile forecasts by 2050 population will reach 2.8 million and jobs will reach just under 1 million.

The data in this report will continue to be updated and additional documents made available.  One additional analysis of the data in the Profile report prepared by the West Houston Association portrays how rapidly the various areas or zones of Greater West Houston will grow between now and mid-century.

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For this analysis, Greater West Houston is divided into three generally concentric arcs (see nearby map) each containing multiple regional analysis zones or RAZs.  These zones are: Eastern or Zone A; Central or Zone B; and Western or Zone C.

The result of this analysis is shown in the nearby graph with the table below providing the numerical data.  The chart depicts the forecasted growth in Greater West Houston to mid-century.  The chart demonstrates the trend to greater growth in more suburban areas of Greater West Houston. 

The Eastern Zone of GWH (Blue) which is currently the most densely populated will by 2020 grow only slightly more through 2050.

The Central Zone (Red) will continue its striking growth rate through mid-century as transportation and other infrastructure comes on line. 

The Western Zone will demonstrate more rapid growth some time between before 2020 and continue with steady growth to a point at mid-century.

Mapping Growth to 2050

The West Houston Association has prepared a likely land use scenario for 2050 based upon this forecasted population growth and analysis of current land use and various macro-economic trends which may influence residential and employment characteristics.  The map is available to view at this link.