WHA Leaders Kickstart the Year with Collaborative Sessions

By Lawanda Maxwell, MBA

Leadership members of the West Houston Association convened virtually this month for the annual Board Retreat and Committee Leadership Meeting to discuss the direction of the organization for 2021.  

Alan Steinberg, president and CEO of the West Houston Association, began the Board Retreat with a viewing of an award-winning short film of a dandelion striving to survive the scorching sun to reach a yard with a sustainable water distribution system 

As Board members leaned in to root for the plant, it died just short of its intended destination, but not without first dispersing seeds so that future dandelions could land where the green grass grows.  

This struggle was the inspiration behind both annual leadership meetings as the association has pushed forward during a difficult year, but will continue to persevere as our work continues even when we faulter. This is because of the organization’s model to think about the futureWHA collaborates, educates, and advocates to achieve the best quality of life, experience and opportunity for more than 2 million people in the Greater West Houston region. As West Houston continues to grow, our work is about doing what is necessary to ensure its people continue to thrive.  

Award Winning Short Film – Motivational Video for WhatsApp Status

Winners never quit, and quitters never win! Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong peo…

Both planning sessions outlined key areas that WHA would continue to focus on in 2021 to fulfill the 2060 plan, a plan designed to address local problems around development. 

The Board retreat was centered more on organizational goals and plans for the organization with a discussion on strategy for the organization to continue to provide leadership in quality growth for West Houston. While the committee leadership meeting provided an opportunity for chairs and vice chairs to share ideas and best practices on working with committee members to create positive change through specific initiatives and projects. 

At the Committee Leadership Meeting, members had the opportunity to discuss current initiatives and using a mission driven approach to achieve their goals. Additionally, they weighed in on changes to the Rising Leaders program and discussed new ideas for forums and committee meetings. 

Both events were concluded with a showcase of the recent WHA Sustainable Infrastructure Committee video, narrated by Travis Sellers, P.E., ENV SP, Senior Vice President of IDS Engineering Group, explaining why sustainable infrastructure is important in West Houston. 


Why Sustainable Infrastructure is Important in West Houston

Here are reasons why sustainable infrastructure is important to West Houston and the West Houston Association.