ICYMI: Revisions and Additions to the Agreement for Underground Electric Service

The Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA)’s Dry Utility Task Force has worked with CenterPoint over the last few years to clarify and adjust a few things within the Underground Electric Service Agreement.

A huge win for the industry came from a mutual agreement that with the current and ongoing conditions in our industry the slab requirement has been removed as a requirement to schedule your pre-construction walk.

During this same period a subcommittee worked on townhome and alley product and how to get dry utility services to these small lot products in and out of the City.  CenterPoint and this subcommittee were successful in working through the numerous issues related to servicing these products and these solutions are shown and made a part of the revised Agreement.

Below is a brief outline of the key revisions/additions to the URD Agreement for your reference:

  • #2 clarified that before electrical underground can be installed that along with streets, sidewalks, etc.  street signs must be erected and all drainage inlets and manholes must be complete.
  • #9 removed requirement for lien holder of property to execute the agreement.
  • #10 the requirement for completion of a house slab before a walk can be scheduled has been removed.
  • #15/16 Owner can choose to either have CenterPoint install all road bores and conduits or they can choose to have them installed by their paving contractor.  There is very specific criteria and all conduits must be placed precisely per the “Developer/Contractor Installed Conduit in County ROWs” exhibit on page 26, and page 27, “Boring and Trenching Guidelines for State Right of Ways”.
  • New exhibits/criteria for Townhome and rear loaded alley products have been created and are attached in the exhibits on pages 9-24.


For questions or more information you can contact:
Lisa M. Clark
Chair, Dry Utility Task Force